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What is ear wax?

Ear wax has an important role to play as a natural secretion which acts as a lubricant to protect our ears from dust, dirt and bacteria. Wax or cerumen as it is also known derives from the glands in our ear canal.

These secretions will prevent our ears from becoming too dry, the composition of ear wax depends on factors such as age, diet and environment.

Excessive ear wax problems?

Sometimes a build up of wax in our ears can cause problems and make you feel uncomfortable. If this is the case, it may mean the wax will need removing.  Wax build up can make tinnitus symptoms more bothersome. 

If you have some excess ear wax but it is not causing any problems, then it is best to leave alone.  Our ears are self cleaning and therefore the wax will clear naturally.  The outside of our ears can be cleaned with a flannel.  Please do not use ear buds to clean your ear as this can push wax further into the ear canal and cause a build up.  The cotton on the buds can also cause irritation to your ears and strip them of their natural oils causing itchiness. 

Ear wax can expand when water enters the ears through swimming or showering.  This may give a sensation of a blockage which increases the perception of tinnitus.

If you are experiencing any kind of persistent painful discomfort you may need treatment. Our team will detect any problems that you may have and will discuss this with you.  If you are in the Torbay area such as Torquay, Teignmouth or Paighnton we can help.

Our Ear Wax Centre in Torquay and Teignmouth offers treatment in the form of Micro-suction to remove ear wax build up.  It is the NHS recommended choice of treatment, and we are happy to help you with any concerns or questions you may have.   

Can you treat ear wax problems at home?

Any pain, discomfort or discharge from your ears will indicate a problem that should be seen by a doctor.  Please do not attempt to self treat at home, as you could exacerbate the problem further, or even damage your ears. 

Any mild wax build up that is not causing problems can be treated with Earol.  You should always read the instructions carefully, as not all are suitable for everyone, especially with eczema or psoriasis suffers. If in any doubt call us for advice. 

For those of us who naturally produce too much wax you may consider using olive oil drops to soften any build up.  Just using a couple of drops once a week may help prevent a wax build up. 

Hopi ear candling

This is a very controversial subject and is not a treatment experienced audiologists will recommend.  In fact there is no good evidence that this treatment is successful, but there is evidence that it has caused damage to some people’s ears using this treatment. 

Although Hopi ear candling claims to be effective, audiologists continue to remain concerned that it will not help the majority of people with tinnitus. 

What are the clinical methods to remove ear wax?

Most of us will have heard of ear syringing which is one of the most common ways to remove ear wax build up.  However you should be aware that this procedure cannot be done if you suffer from dizziness or have had any kind of ear surgery.  It should also not be done should you have a perforation of the ear.

We only use the Microsuction technique as the traditional water irrigation method can be dangerous even at low water pressure levels.

Never try to remove wax yourself with an instrument or device.

We recommend a treatment called Micro-suction which is a painless, easy and safe option for wax removal. During this treatment the technician uses loops which can easily see in your ear canal. The small probe gently sucks out the ear wax. It may feel a little tickle but this is normal.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or uneasy during any of the ear wax treatments, please tell the technician immediately and he will stop immediately.

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The Torbay ear wax clinic, offer ear wax removal using Microsuction and standard water irrigation (in only some cases). Microsuction is the gold standard. We are fully trained in this procedure.
Treating hearing loss can sometimes be as simple as getting your ears cleaned. Earwax can become impacted and press against the eardrum,
which can affect your hearing.
Earwax (cerumen), a waxy substance secreted in the ear canal, is there for a reason — to clean and protect the skin of your ear canal from debris,
bacteria and water. Over time, wax can build up in your ear canal, harden and become stuck, despite your best efforts to clean it out. Using a cotton
swab can actually make the situation worse by pushing the wax in deeper.
You can’t feel this build up, but it can lead to temporary hearing loss. We can remove ear wax safely.
Book your ear wax removal at either Torquay or Teignmouth clinics.

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Ear wax removal using Microsuction

We only use a very quiet hospital safe machine for all our ear wax removal.

Appointments in the Torquay or Teignmouth ear clinic now available.

We only use the

CA-MI New Hospivac 400